About Me

I am a recent graduate of the University of Kentucky’s equine science and management program and divide my time between work (public relations/admissions at an equine hospital) and writing as a freelancer for local and equine publications. This blog will be my attempt at regular writing outside of my professional obligations on the topics most relevant to my life right now, most centrally the training of At Last, more commonly known as Jitterbug. For more on her, see About Jitterbug.

I grew up riding hunter/jumpers in central Virginia and am hoping to explore other disciplines now that I live in an area with so many options available to me. Included on my bucket list of disciplines to learn about at some point in my life are eventing (low, low, low level mind you), vaulting, driving and cutting. Currently I have my sights set on a good all-around education for Jitter, to include basics of equitation, hunter/jumper and dressage, and the same for me. I’m not one of those “my discipline is the only way to go” types, which is why I’m working with a trainer with a range of experience.

I’m already learning so much from my journey with Jitter, and I hope you can too. Thanks for stopping by!


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